Who are we?


Since its beginning, our company VIBEBOARD aims for developing sport equipments and assets from inside of the surf, skate, yoga, pilates and functional training sphere, basically sport activities with a positive vibe to it.

O que é a VIBEBOARD?


VIBEBOARD is a pioneer balance board brand from Brazil. Our pipe is extremely resistant, made with polypropylene and rubbered rings aimed for achieving the right friction between the board and the ground. The ellipse shaped board is extremely light and water resistant with a varnish-finish and metallic painting. Your ergonomics provide the best dynamics, the board is safe for use because of its fixed safety locks and round edges so it can be used in any type of floor (be it dry or wet). 

The VIBEBOARD training focuses on working corporal conscience and activating stable musculature through multiple types of training, specially functional training, thats why it`s used by many professional athletes and sportsmen


After receiving great feedback for our VIBEBOARD, we started to develop other sport assets with the same goal, like the Viberoller, Vibestick, Vibesun and Vibeclimb.


Enjoy the vibe!


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prancha de equilíbrio

prancha de equilíbrio

prancha de equilíbrio

prancha de equilíbrio